LCFC Funds University Of Leicester’s Parental Concern Study

Leicester City Football Club has provided the University Of Leicester with essential funding to aid their efforts investigating how parents and carers express concerns about their child’s health.
King Power Stadium

- The University of Leicester receives funding from Leicester City Football Club to assist with their study into parental expression of their children’s health
- Parents and carers from across Leicester are invited to attend sessions to discuss the communications of their concerns to health care professionals
- The University wishes to speak to a broad range of participants
- Interested parties can apply for the sessions, which take place on 15 and 18 March, online

The University aims to develop a language guide to help parents and carers communicate their concerns to health care professionals, while also assessing how a hospital’s urgent assessment environment can impact the methods in which parents and carers speak about their issues.

By holding focus groups and workshops with local adults, the University will gather opinions on how they might help parents and carers so everyone involved in the conversation understands each other.

In some of the groups, the University, who are currently recruiting for new participants, will also be interested in asking how they could potentially redesign the hospital assessment environment.

They want to speak to a broad range of people so they can hear about lots of different experiences and ways of talking about concerns about a child’s health.

At this early stage of the research, they want to particularly speak to adults who have children without long-term health conditions who do not necessarily require regular care at hospital.

The intention is to include parents and carers of children with diagnosed health conditions later on in the research process.

Group sessions will last up to two hours and would be held during the day at King Power Stadium, the home of Leicester City, on 15 and 18 March (10am to midday and 12:30pm to 2:30pm) on both days.

Refreshments will be provided on the day and reasonable travel expenses will be paid. You only need to attend one group but may be invited back for further group sessions as the research develops.

The groups will be recorded and the transcripts will be anonymised so that no one can be identified.

If you would like to take part, please click HERE to take part in a survey, where the University will collect information so they can make sure the groups are as diverse as possible.

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