Viktor Johansson

Day Two Diary: Viktor Johansson

Young goalkeeper Viktor Johansson writes the second daily diary from the Leicester City training camp in Évian-les-Bains, and explains why fracturing his back in four places made him mentally stronger…
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This is my first pre-season trip with the Club and I’m really enjoying it. Everyone’s really nice and familiar with me. The other Under-23s lads have helped me a lot, too. Josh Knight and George Thomas have been away with the first team, so that’s been helpful for me to settle.

My aim this week is to get as fit as I can, and to get close with everyone. The time together helps a lot. You learn a lot on the pitch and off the pitch, how to act and stuff. On the pitch, it’s early days yet, but you have to play the best to be as best as you can.

Training’s worked really well. There’s five of us here, so some days people do more than others, and vice versa. Today, me and Eldin stepped out and Daniel, Kasper and Wardy went into the small-sided games, so we got a rest.

The range of experiences between us is great. You get everything you need from Kasper, Wardy and Eldin. From a playing point of view, I learn massively from them every day. They come up with tips every time we train, which is good for me.

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Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson

Over the summer, I spent time with my family and friends. I relaxed and went home to Stockholm and went to the north of Sweden with my girlfriend, which was nice. She’s from Umeå but she lives in Leicester with me now, too.

I’ve been in England since I was 15, just about to turn 16. I had a few obstacles like my back. In my first season, I was out for ages and I struggled loads. But, it turned good, and I came to Leicester.

Hopefully, touch wood, that was the biggest injury I’ll ever have. I had four stress fractures in my back. I had surgery and the doctor said I could never play football again. It was a tough period and I was only 16 and alone.

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Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson

I got so mentally strong after that year. That was a big, big hurdle. Actually, I can call it a mountain. The rehab was about 13 months, so it was a long time. I was stuck inside and the boys were out playing football. I’d go back into my room and it was tough.

After my surgery, I was allowed to go home for a few months to do my rehab. I couldn’t walk for two weeks, but everything’s very good here, it’s beautiful, and it makes me thankful that I’m here.

All the boys are really great. When we have a bit of spare time at the hotel, I’ve been playing some table tennis and some darts. I’m learning darts at the moment. I’m not good, but I’m learning! It’s between me and George Thomas who’s best at table tennis. I’m going to say I’m better. He won the first game on the first day, but now we’re drawing 4-4 in games.

Tack för att ni läste,


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