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After a successful rugby career, David Slemen founded Elite Performance Partners (EPP), to help answer performance questions across elite sport.

Working with owners, senior leaders and up-and-coming talent, EPP focus on ensuring the right systems and structures are in place to allow both organisation and the individuals within them to thrive.

Within the context of football, this includes understanding the evolving demands of the game, as opposed to the traditions of the sport, and helping organise performance departments to best meet their goals.

A tutor on the FA’s Level 5 for Technical Directors, and assessor for the Level 4 in Talent ID, David will share the insight he has gained from placing senior leaders (Head Coaches, Directors of Football, Head of Recruitment, Academy Director, Head of Data & Analytics etc.) and the expert practitioners who make up their teams.

He has worked across football, rugby, tennis and cycling with recent clients including the FA, Brighton & Hove Albion, LTA, Manchester City, Bath Rugby, Swansea City, Leicester Tigers. and INEOS Sport.

“It’s a good opportunity for us, as we work with a number of different clubs and therefore get a good view of the industry as a whole,” said David ahead of Tactical Insights 2020. “It’s always nice to share those insights with others in the industry. We can see what skills are transferable across different teams and we’re able to have an independent view, which is valuable.

“Having more of an evidence-based approach is valuable and what is interesting is the recognition of the aspects you should measure, but also the ones you can’t, and recognising that balance. It’s still about people, and so how you motivate those people is a massive thing.

“Analytics is becoming something that people go to within the industry, and it’s all about how people apply them. There are so many different types of analysis across different areas, and that will no doubt be a key part of the discussion.”

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