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Christoph, 59, is a reporter for German football magazine 11FREUNDE. He has been researching the field of football analytics for more than ten years and extensively writing about it.

His book ‘Die Fußballmatrix’ was Football Book of the Year in Germany 2010. His most recent book ‘Football Hackers’ was published in 2019 in the United Kingdom.

Speaking ahead of Tactical Insights 2020, Christoph said: “I’m a journalist and I’ve written about this field for the past 10 years in my books. It’s fantastic for me to be able to meet a lot of people there, and to be able to build contacts to learn more about the industry.

"I’ve been collecting material for my most recent book for several years, and I’ve met a lot of people in different countries. It’s not always easy, because people tend to keep the information to themselves, so I’m really interested in the field, and I’m happy to be able to be coming along to the conference.

"It’s a field where there is rapid change. Every six months, a new metric is released, and what you can see is more clubs employing data analysts, so there are constantly new things to learn.

"I find it very good that Leicester City have taken the initiative to hold such a conference. It shows that things like that are not only in the hands of huge clubs or federations."

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