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Albrighton Making The Most Of Family Time

LCFC TV recently caught up with Marc Albrighton to see how, among other things, home schooling is going for the Leicester City midfielder.
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With three young children to look after, the winger has enjoyed the challenge of becoming ‘Mr. Albrighton’ since the Premier League season was suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had the work sent through from the school to do so it has been a tough week for me I’ll tell you,” Albrighton joked, speaking to LCFC TV host Dan Bates via video call, this week.

“English, Maths, Science, it’s opened my eyes up a little bit but me and my wife have split the work as we’ve got an eight-year-old and a six-year-old, so we’ve alternated between each other who gets the elder work, which is a tad more difficult let me say!

“But we’ve got an 18-month little girl as well so she’s roaming around, so it’s causing chaos, but it’s good chaos and to be fair they’ve been golden for us so it’s made a lot easier.


Catching Up With Marc Albrighton

In the first part of a new series, LCFC TV presenter Dan Bates caught up with midfielder Marc Albrighton via video call to chat with Leicester City's No.11.

“When they bring their homework back when they’re usually at school, I’ve not really got much patience! I don’t know whether that’s because I’m tired from training, but I’ve found this quite calming, it’s all been good, you’ve got the full day to do it so it’s made it a little bit easier.

“And then I’m good at giving breaks so if I feel like I need a break, the kids can have a break and we’ve had the good weather so they’ve been getting outside quite a lot."

Back to the football, following the 4-0 success over Aston Villa earlier this month, Leicester's players have been staying in shape themselves, thanks to programmes set by City’s fitness coaches.

While these are to be done individually, the squad have been keeping in regular contact with each other, and manager Brendan Rodgers.

“We’re all on an app that we’ve had work sent through from the fitness coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches,” the 30-year-old continued.

We’ve got the group chat, there’s a few things that have been put on that and then you can keep up to date with Instagram and social media now. I’ve seen Vards (Jamie Vardy) seems like he’s having a bit of fun.

Marc Albrighton

"At the minute it’s every other day, so runs every other day, whether that be outside or on the treadmill in the gym and some strength programmes as well, so it’s obviously important you keep yourself fit.

“I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’ve found that as a good way to take myself away from the situation and it gives me chance to clear my head a little bit.

“I spoke to Jonny Evans this morning, he was saying something similar, obviously doing the home schooling, he’s got young children as well so we were chatting about that and the situation.

“We’ve also got the group chat, there’s a few things that have been put on that and then you can keep up to date with Instagram and social media now. You can see what some of the lads are doing, I’ve seen Vards (Jamie Vardy) seems like he’s having a bit of fun.

“The manager, Brendan Rodgers, is speaking to players, he phoned me yesterday just to see how I was getting on and he did mention that my shot at the end of the Aston Villa game was the last action that I’ve had, so the shank that went into the stand behind the goal is something to look back on, isn’t it? That’s all he remembers, he doesn’t remember the two assists!”


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The Foxes winger also had a message for the City supporters at this time: “The circumstances aren’t ideal by any stretch, it’s difficult to set your mind around it and it’s still early into the three weeks that’s been said but it’s obviously good to keep your mind active, your body active.

"I just think [we need to] follow the guidance and the instructions of what we’re all being told.

“Stay at home, it will save lives.

"There might not be anyone who has been affected closely at the moment, I know a couple of people that have been in and out of hospital so I can see what it’s doing.

“Whether that’s someone close to you or people that you don’t know, please just follow the guidance and what we’re being told and hopefully this will all be over before we know it.”




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