Callum Wright

Wright Finds New Ways To Stay Active & Connected

Development Squad midfielder Callum Wright is staying with family at home in Liverpool and remaining in touch with his team-mates online, during the current break in professional football.
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- Leicester City youngster Callum Wright explains how he's adapted to a new lifestyle
- Wright and his Development Squad colleagues are following the Government's stay-at-home guidelines 
- Despite not being in training at present, the 19-year-old is staying in touch with his team-mates
- Wright also reflects on his two years at the Club, including City's Trophy exploits this term

The 19-year-old former Blackburn Rovers star is following the Government's guidelines to remain indoors as the country responds to the unfolding COVID-19 global pandemic. 

For Wright, who had become a valuable member of the Club's Under-23s, second in Premier League 2 Division 1, the current situation has been an opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

"I came home to Liverpool, to see my family," he told LCFC TV via video call this week. "Obviously it’s been relaxing and I’m still training hard, keeping ready for whatever happens next.

"We’re staying at home as much as possible, apart from essential shopping and stuff like that. I’ve got my brother and my mum and dad here, so it’s just us four. 

"It’s a bit different for me because usually I’d be up in Leicester on my own, but coming home is obviously a nice time, but in the circumstances, it’s obviously a bit difficult as well.

"It’s not like you’d imagine, seeing all the family and friends and stuff like that, but it’s definitely nice to come back to my Liverpool house and just relax with the family."

It’s hard, it’s definitely hard, being away from everyone, but obviously, it’s just got to happen really, hasn’t it?

Callum Wright LCFC TV

As Wright explains, the Club's medical and sports science departments have been keeping City's players equipped with extensive fitness regimes to maintain a base fitness throughout this period.

"The staff at Leicester, the fitness staff and the coaching staff, are very on it to be fair," he added. "They’re sending us out a lot of programmes, gym work and online sessions to keep everyone together.

"The programmes have been good and I’m feeling quite fit in myself to be fair. I've only a little garden, but you can do a fair bit, a few workouts and that, but [I’ve been] going running. 

"It’s difficult because we’re used to being so active, being outside, doing gym et cetera, but right now, it’s difficult because you feel like you’re not doing the same amount of stuff.

"Even though we’re doing a lot still in our own time, you just feel like you’re not getting that little bit that you get through football."

Not able to meet up with friends, or to train alongside his colleagues at the Club's Belvoir Drive training complex, Wright admits he's missing that dynamic, but is finding new ways to stay connected.

"My friends in football, I haven’t seen them now for four or five weeks," he continued. "Even though we’re staying in contact every day, it’s just not the same, not the same banter.

"The group video calls to do work outs are Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, so obviously we continue our banter and stuff like that on those video calls really.

Development Squad

Catching Up With Callum Wright

Development Squad star Callum Wright checks in with LCFC TV presenter Dan Bates.

"We’re all playing on FIFA to be fair. There’s a few tournaments and stuff like that, so we’re keeping in touch with a few people on the game as well. 

"It’s hard, it’s definitely hard, being away from everyone, but obviously, it’s just got to happen really, hasn’t it? 

"Obviously, it’s tough for everyone in this time, not just footballers. It’s tough for everyone, so obviously I’d recommend following the Government guidelines massively and staying at home.

"Try to keep making the most of your resources, what you’ve got right now, and just stay safe everyone."

While spending his time competing with friends online on PlayStation, usually playing FIFA 20, Wright has also been rewatching HBO's epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

As well as relaxing, either with his family at home, or online with team-mates, the Liverpool-born midfielder has had an opportunity to reflect on his two years at the Club to date.

"I’ve been at Leicester for over two years and it’s a great place, everyone looks after you, it’s like a family club," he said. "Everyone looks after each other.

As a group, the season was definitely a very good season. We were three points behind Chelsea at the top of the table with four games to go, so we were definitely doing very good.

Callum Wright LCFC TV

"It’s been two years in the Under-23s now. I’ve learned a lot from being there, from the older lads, like George Thomas, who I still play with now… so you learn a lot from that and from the older lads.

"They help you through if you get little setbacks and stuff like that, which happens, but the staff and my mates in the Under-23s, the older lads, definitely help me through all that.

"As a group, the season was definitely a very good season. We were three points behind Chelsea at the top of the table with four games to go, so we were definitely doing very good.

"In the cups, we had a good little run in the EFL Trophy, so as a team, the season was very strong, and I think the coaching staff were very pleased with us to be fair.

"They were definitely the games we looked forward to the most and we got the biggest boost out of the games because it’s playing against men.

"We obviously don’t get that every week, so we were definitely pumped going into the games and, to be fair, we coped quite well this year.

"We had a good run-in and we were unlucky to get knocked out. So, there’s always next year, but it’s definitely good playing in that tournament."

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