1893 Leicester Fosse booklet

Links With The Past: The 1893 'History Of Leicester Fosse’ Booklet

Club Historian John Hutchinson's Links With The Past series continues with a look at the first published history of Leicester Fosse.
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During the close season, the Club came into possession of an extremely rare 32-page 127-year-old booklet, in immaculate condition, entitled ‘The History of Leicester Fosse Football Club: Its Rise and Progress.’

Costing one penny, it was the first-ever published history of the Club.

Printed in 1893, it charts Fosse’s first nine seasons, detailing the Club’s progress, both on and off the pitch, from its foundation in 1884 up until the eve of its election to the Football League in 1894.

Two of the founder members of Leicester Fosse were involved in the booklet’s compilation.

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1893 Leicester Fosse booklet
1893 Leicester Fosse booklet

The booklet offers a unique look at Leicester Fosse in the Club's early, formative years.

As well as providing facts about the players, matches and results, the booklet, among other things, also contains information about the founders of the Club, the committee, the members, the finances and the introduction of professionalism.

It also gives details of the four home grounds used by Leicester Fosse until they finally settled at Walnut Street, later known as the Filbert Street ground. 

Finally, a fascinating glimpse into life in Victorian Leicester is provided by 13 full-page advertisements for a whole variety of goods and services, ranging from horse-drawn furniture removals to perambulator and bath chair manufacturers.

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