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Leicester City in the Community Aims To Get Adults MatchFit

Leicester City in the Community’s new health and wellbeing project, MatchFit, is backed by the Premier League Professional Footballers Association and Leicester City Council Public Health.

- The Club’s charitable arm celebrate the positive effect of the MatchFit programme on participants
- The programme is aimed at adults between 18 and 84-years-old looking to improve their lifestyle
- MatchFit sessions will expand as current national lockdown restrictions ease
- Contact Leicester City in the Community to get involved

Leicester City’s charitable arm, Leicester City in the Community is celebrating MatchFit and its successes today (Monday 22 March).

The health and wellbeing programme is aimed at adults aged between 18 and 84-years-old, as it looks to empower all communities to lead physically active, healthy lifestyles, while promoting positive wellbeing. 

Sessions vary in activity and fitness level, while also focusing on the social and wellbeing benefits of getting involved, meaning regardless of how fit you are, there will be something suitable for you, in order to keep active.

MatchFit sessions include walk and talk wellbeing walks, walking football, Silver Foxes social community café catch-ups, weight loss league and EuroFIT – a weight loss and lifestyle improvement programme.

Over the past 12 months, LCitC health and wellbeing staff have adapted to deliver sessions virtually, but will continue to expand both sessions and locations, subject to the easing of current national lockdown restrictions.

In addition, a brand-new monthly newsletter will be emailed out to those wishing to find out more on upcoming session events and more, as part of LCitC’s celebrations.

If times are tough, knowing that you have got those people around you to help you, they will give you encouraging words and push you in the right direction.

Marc Albrighton

Leicester City’s Marc Albrighton joined the MatchFit celebration and commented on the importance of looking after your mental health.

“My top tip for positive mental health would be to surround yourself with the right positive people,” the midfielder said.

“If times are tough, knowing that you have got those people around you to help you, they will give you encouraging words and push you in the right direction.”

Matt Bray, Leicester City in the Community’s Health and Wellbeing Manager said: “We have all been more aware of the short-term benefits of getting outside for a walk in the fresh air and how this improves your mood and gives you an immediate boost.

“Adding to the long-term health benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, MatchFit will provide a range of football-based activities to give adults of all ages the opportunity to look after themselves and take part in weekly sessions with Health and Wellbeing Coaches from Leicester City in the Community.

“We have had some unbelievable stories of how this has changed lives and we urge fans to get in touch to find what works for them.”

For further information, to get copies of the MatchFit newsletter or get involved with the programme itself, please contact Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Sarah Jones via sarah.jones@lcfc.co.uk.

You can find out more about the MatchFit sessions, here

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