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COVID-19 Spot Checks To Be In Place For Man City

Supporters attending Leicester City’s Premier League fixture with Manchester City on Saturday 11 September are encouraged to arrive early due to COVID-19 certification spot checks taking place at entry points as part of the Premier League working with DCMS to maintain full capacity crowds at football, and in line with the Club’s new Supporter Code of Conduct.

To ensure the safety of everyone in attendance and to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the spot checks, which are part of new Premier League protocols, will ask everyone over the age of 18 to confirm their COVID-19 status by:

- Demonstrating their COVID-19 Pass via the NHS App, PDF or NHS letter;
- Showing proof of a negative lateral flow or PCR test result from within the previous 48 hours; or 
- Declaring an exemption from COVID-19 vaccinations and/or testing.

The spot check rules apply to everyone attending fixtures at King Power Stadium over the age of 18 and are in place to help supporters prepare for a future scenario where COVID certification becomes mandatory.

Please be aware that should COVID-19 certification become mandatory for fixtures in the future and you are unable to confirm your COVID-19 status (via one of the methods above)  during a spot check, you will be denied access to King Power Stadium, as per Premier League protocols.

To minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to keep each other as safe as possible, the Club’s advice to its supporters is to take a lateral flow test at home before each fixture they plan to attend, as well as wearing face-coverings when moving around in any indoor areas in the stadium.

For information on how to order a lateral flow test, click here. If you are feeling unwell with COVID-19 symptoms or any cold or flu-type symptoms, please DO NOT come to the game. Book a test through the Government website or call 119.



This process is part of new Premier League protocols for a phased introduction of COVID-19 status certification checks on matchday, whereby each supporter may be asked to confirm their COVID-19 status.

The key objectives are to increase supporter safety and help ensure that football in the UK continues to be staged with stadiums at full capacity.

It is hoped that, by preparing now for a possible future scenario where COVID status certification is made a mandatory condition of entry to football matches, this will help to get everyone ‘match ready’ (and to keep each other safe).



If you are unable to confirm your COVID-19 status in a spot check, you will be advised that it may become a condition of entry for all Premier League venues going forward, but granted access.

The information gathered from these spot checks will help everyone prepare for a future scenario whereby COVID-19 certification checks become mandatory for entry to King Power Stadium.

In that scenario, should any person be unable to confirm their COVID-19 status by one of the methods described above, they would be denied access to King Power Stadium.



Adult supporters are encouraged to obtain a COVID Pass via the NHS App or NHS website which can then be shown to matchday staff when at the stadium. Details on how to obtain your NHS COVID Pass are available here.

Other acceptable current forms of proof are listed below:

- Covid Pass via the NHS App – not the NHS Covid-19 App
- PDF Version from the NHS App
- Negative test result email or text message
- NHS Covid-Pass letter
- NHS Covid Vaccine Card



Safety comes first, so supporters attending matchdays at King Power Stadium should:
- Obtain a COVID Pass and/or ensure they have obtained a negative lateral flow or PCR test result in the 48 hours prior to the match
- Bring a face covering to wear while in any indoor areas in the stadium
- Arrive early and only sit in your designated seat
- Wash and sanitise your hands regularly
- Be respectful of others

Supporters should continue to follow the latest Government guidance and must not:
- Attend any match if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19 or are otherwise required to self-isolate
- Gather outside stadiums in a way that breaches steward instructions
- Engage in any conduct that is intended to or likely to transmit the COVID-19 virus



New anti-discrimination measures have been implemented by the Premier League for the 2021/22 season as football continues to work to eradicate discriminatory behaviour in society.

Clubs have agreed to enforce league-wide punishments (which may include bans from all Premier League grounds) for any individual found to have behaved in a discriminatory or abusive way toward any club employee, player, match official, steward or fan attending a Premier League match – whether in-person or online.

For full information on the new measures, click here.

If you see or hear unacceptable behaviour on a matchday, report it. Please text 60066, starting your message with the word FOXES and seat details. For non-matchdays or to report any other discriminatory behaviour to the Club, contact or call 0344 815 5000 (option 4).



Please note that LCFC’s 2021/22 supporter terms and conditions (and privacy policy) have been updated to reflect the introduction of the Premier League’s new anti-discrimination measures. Our Test and Trace Privacy Notice has also been revised in line with the latest Government guidance. The latest versions of these documents can be accessed via



- Turnstiles open 90 minutes before kick-off, please arrive at the stadium in plenty of time to ensure access, and for any other additional checks.
- Please do not bring bags bigger than A4. We no longer have the facility for bag drop as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.
- Please do not bring golfing umbrellas, as we do not have the facility to store these.
- Hospitality and executive box guests can access the stadium via the Hospitality entrance from 12.30pm.



- Please wear face coverings when in indoor areas. They are not required while sitting in the stadium bowl or when eating and drinking.
- Please use hand sanitisers at turnstiles and other areas of the stadium regularly.
- Please be respectful of other supporters and any concerns or anxieties they may have, including if they choose to wear face coverings at all times.
- Please work with our Stewarding team who are here to help you and keep you safe.
- King Power Stadium is an all-seater venue, so you are requested to remain seated during the game.
- If you see anything or anyone acting suspiciously, please report it to your nearest steward.



- The City Sales Centre will be open from 9am until 11:30am on the day of the game.
- The Matchday Ticket Office will be open from 9am until half-time.
- The Matchday Ticket Collections Unit will be open from 1pm until 3:15pm.

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