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Details about sanctions & appeals can be found below.

Matchday banning order process

If the Club feels your conduct is unacceptable on a matchday you may be ejected from King Power Stadium via the Police Detention Room. You will be provided with an Ejection Notice by a Club representative. Where the police are involved, the duty police officer will advise you at this point if you will be arrested for the alleged incident. In addition your season ticket/membership/match ticket will be confiscated. 

If your ejection warrants a police enquiry, the Club will provide reasonable assistance to Leicestershire Police for the purposes of their investigation. Your season ticket/membership/match ticket will be suspended, pending the police investigation. 

If your ejection falls within the direct remit of LCFC, the Club’s Sanctions & Appeals Committee will be presented with evidence in relation to your ejection within five working days of the match and will decide what action, if any, should be taken. 

Where appropriate, LCFC will liaise with the away club when carrying out an investigation, to identify the individual/s suspected of engaging in the relevant conduct. 

For all Premier League fixtures, if the alleged conduct amounts to “Prohibited Activity” under the Premier League’s Commitment regarding Discriminatory and Abusive Conduct (“PL Commitment”), the club will notify the Premier League of the outcome of the sanctions process. The Premier League will then circulate the following details of the individual/s to all clubs in the Premier League for enforcement in all Premier League stadiums: 

Date of birth 
Contact details 

Social media banning policy

LCFC’s Social Media Banning Policy states that any individuals or groups observed to be making discriminatory or abusive comments on Leicester City Football Club’s official social media channels should be banned using each social network’s reporting/banning mechanism. 

Any online conduct deemed to be a “Prohibited Activity” under the PL Commitment will be dealt with in accordance with the process set out in the PL Commitment. 

Leicester City is a family club and is connected online with supporters of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds. As such, the Club’s social media accounts should harbour an environment and community that is welcoming and free of inappropriate messages/ behaviour. 

The Club’s Content Department regularly monitor posts for such behaviour where possible and when it is reported to the Football Club, to action the banning policy upon finding the post. 

Banning offences include swearing, threatening messages, any post that discriminates against protected characteristics and other behaviour that the Club deems inappropriate on its channels. This includes, but is not limited to, general spam and the posting of links to illegal match streams. 

Protected Characteristics (Equality Act 2010):

Gender reassignment 
Marriage and civil partnership • Pregnancy and maternity
Religion or belief 
Sexual orientation 

Social networks include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. 

All banned/blocked accounts from LCFC media channels are made at the Content Department’s discretion. LCFC does not tolerate online abuse in any form and if you are a Season Ticket Holder, Member, or match by match purchaser of tickets to club fixtures, you will receive automatic match bans and will be referred to LCFC Sanctions & Appeals Committee. You will be advised of the length of your matchday ban within 10 working days of the offence. 

If you use online abuse on non-LCFC media channels, towards the Club, our players, or staff, you will be reported to the social network company and if you are a Season Ticket Holder, Member, or match by match purchaser of tickets to Club fixtures, you will receive automatic match bans and will be referred to LCFC Sanctions & Appeals Committee. You will be advised of the length of your matchday ban within seven working days of the offence. 

In addition online abuse can be reported directly to the Premier League by taking a screen shot of the alleged abuse and emailed to


Depending on the severity and nature of your conduct/offence, the Club may issue sanctions as it sees fit. A non-exhaustive list of possible sanctions is below: 

Written warning 
One home match ban 
Three home match ban 
Six home match ban 
Twelve home match ban 
Season ban 
Lifetime ban 

If you were not ejected from the stadium on the matchday but information is passed to the Club after the game, we will endeavour to contact you within 48 hours of the reported alleged offence/incident. 


Appeals process

Supporters who wish to appeal must lodge their appeal via a signed letter addressed to Board Office, Leicester City Football Club, King Power Stadium, Filbert Way, Leicester, LE2 7FL or via email to stating the reason for their appeal, within seven working days of the date of their sanction. 

Your appeal will be brought before the Club’s Appeals Committee and you will be advised of the outcome within 14 working days. 

Should you be dissatisfied with the response from the Club in relation to a Matchday Club Banning Order, you may contact: Independent Football Ombudsman, Suite 49, 57 George Street, Leeds, LS1 3AJ or alternatively email or telephone 0800 588 4066

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