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Academy Staff

A comprehensive list of those who work directly with the Academy.

Academy Manager: Ian Cawley 

Head Technical Coaching: Vacant

Head Academy Coach Development: Paul Cheney 

Head Academy Education: Matthew Clarke

Head of Emerging Talent: Steve Travis

Head Academy Scout: Bill Wall

Head Academy Sports Science: Kevin Paxton

Head Academy Physiotherapist: Ben Harwood

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer: Dale Bradshaw

Senior Professional Development Phase Coach (U23): Steve Beaglehole

Assistant Senior Professional Development Phase Coach (U23): Ben Petty 

Lead Professional Development Phase Coach (U18): Trevor Peake 

Assistant Professional Development Phase Coach (U18): Stephen Kirby 

Lead Academy Goalkeeping Coach: Glyn Thompson 

Academy Goalkeeping Coach (U9-U16): Ryan Hudson

Lead Youth Development Phase Coach (U12-U16): Matt Goodwin 

Assistant Lead Youth Development Phase Coach (U12-U16): Rodney Ballantine 

Youth Development Phase Coach (U12-U16): Adam Barradell

Youth Development Phase Coach (U12-U16): Stuart McClarty

Youth Development Phase Coach (U12-U16): Ashvir Johal

Youth Development Phase Coach (U12-U16): Matt Rains

Lead Foundation Phase Coach (U9-U11): Richard Keeling 

Assistant Lead Foundation Phase Coach (U9-U11): Vacant

Foundation Phase Coach (U9-U11): Leroy Moore    

Academy Administrator: Debbie Collins 

Assistant Academy Administrator: Evie Grewcock

Emerging Talent Operations Manager: Claire Burrows

Kit Co-ordinator: Rob Owen 

Kit Co-ordinator: Henry Crook

Loans Manager: Guy Branston

U18-U23 Player Liaison: Leon McSweeney

U23 Physiotherapist: Dan Dagia 

Academy Physiotherapist: Jordan Ward

Academy Physiotherapist: Vacant

Lead Academy Sports Scientist: Gary Capes 

U23 Sports Scientist: Perry Nosek

Youth Development Phase Sports Scientist: Aileen Campbell 

Lead Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach: Michael Cheverton 

Assistant Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach: Chris Organ

Academy Performance Nutritionist: Matthew Westmoreland 

Lead Academy Performance Analyst: Ryan DeFreitas 

U23 Performance Analyst: Paul Mitchell 

U18 Academy Performance Analyst: Ben Waters

Academy Performance Analyst: Dan Wright & Hannah Beare

Lead Academy Sport and Exercise Psychologist: Karl Steptoe 

Midland Scout: Steve Kinson

Academy Recruitment Analyst: Jack Coles

Lead Pre-Academy Coach & Coordinator: Mark Lyons

Academy CAIS Coach Educator: Sean Rooney

FTTM Mentor: Katrina Bakewell

Academy Minibus: Swaran Singh & John Bone

Club Accommodation: Paul Connors & Tracy Connors

Part-Time Coaches:

Adam Martin
Brian Hookway 
Chris Tucker 
Dave Clay 
Gary Fox 
Jim Smith  
Paul Robbins 
Steve Healy
Steve Savaas 
Eric Odihambo
Justin Bowley

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