Filbert Fox

Filbert Fox

Filbert Fox has been the Club's mascot since 1992 and continues to be an ever-present figure on Filbert Way.

Over the last 27 years, Filbert has appeared at every single matchday at Filbert Street and King Power Stadium - over 1,000 matches - loyally cheering the Foxes on from the sidelines and entertaining the crowd.

Filbert has never missed a home match. He has outlasted 19 First Team managers and hundreds of players. He has also made visits to schools, hospitals and community centres across the entire Leicestershire region. 

Over the seasons, Filbert has bumped into the likes of Kasabian, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. In 2016, however, his greatest honour came when he hoisted the Premier League trophy aloft at King Power Stadium.

On the back of that historic achievement, Filbert embarked on an intrepid tour across Europe for the Club's first-ever UEFA Champions League campaign, visiting Bruges, Copenhagen, Porto, Seville and Madrid. He has visited seven different countries, meeting foxes fans in Hong Kong, New York, Washington D.C and India.

That didn't stop him from calling by to see schoolchildren closer to home as he toured the county with the trophy under his arm.

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