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Our key areas of delivery, in close coordination with the Premier League, are provided in education, employment, sports participation and community cohesion.

Premier League and BT Disability

Funded by the Premier League and BT, Leicester City Community Trust’s Disability programme aims to provide meaningful opportunities and experiences for young people and adults across the city and county to improve their quality of life through sport and physical activity.

The programme provides a range of multisport activities within schools, colleges, day services, charities and community settings for children as young as one years old to adults in their nineties. The programme has also started to provides leadership and volunteering opportunities offering the opportunity for young people, of all abilities, to gain qualifications and work related experience.

For more information, please contact Sarah Alexander - Disability Coordinator on

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Disabled Supporters
Disabled Supporters

All Stars

All Stars is a bespoke literacy and numeracy programme, modelled off the format used by the Premier League Primary Stars.

Sessions commence over an 18-week scheme of work, which has been moulded to suit the needs of children in Special Educational Needs schools.

All Stars allows the students to learn about what it takes to create their own story and character, with the end goal to create a football-based comic strip, developed through their own imagination.

The programme also includes PE lessons, regardless of age or ability, and catering for after school clubs too.

Contact Sarah Alexander, Disability Coordinator, on for more details.

Premier League Primary Stars

Premier League Primary Stars uses the appeal of the Premier League and Leicester City Football Club to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. Available to primary schools across Leicester the programme delivers both curriculum and extra-curricular activities that aim to positively engage and raise young aspirations of girls and boys aged 5 to 11 years in the classroom, playground and on the sports field.

Teaching resources are developed in partnership with nationally recognised organisations including the National Space Centre and National Literacy Trust cover a range of key subjects.

The programme aims to:

- Develop physical literacy
- Promote lifelong participation in sport
- Support children to reach their full potential
- Provide opportunities for competitive sport
- Offer Continual Professional Development for class teachers

For further information, please contact Emma Lowry on

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Primary Stars
Primary Stars

City Science Stars

City Science Stars is an extension of the Premier League Primary Stars programme, that supports science education in primary schools around Leicester through exciting and engaging workshops.

Working closely with the National Space Centre and the Primary Science Teaching Trust, the City Science Stars workshops have been produced to complement the KS2 science curriculum, with links to sport and exercise, while also helping to strengthen maths, literacy and teamwork skills.

The programme offers opportunities for exploring exciting science topics, with resources that might be unavailable to some primary schools, including a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Trail around the King Power Stadium. 

For further information, please contact Alex Evans – STEM Coach on

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Premier League Enterprise

Premier League Enterprise provides unique, high-quality enterprise education in local secondary schools and has had a positive impact on young people, particularly in increasing confidence, aspirations, attendance and motivation at school.

Leicester City Community Trust have a positive track record in delivering the programme and have recently delivered the ‘Premier League Enterprise Challenge’ with Soar Valley College representing Leicester City Football Club at the regional finals held at the King Power Stadium.

The programme aims to:

- Inspire young people to positively engage in education
- Develop important life skills
- Raise awareness of the world of work

Contact for further information.

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Premier League Works

Premier League Works is designed for young people aged 16 to 25 years who are furthest away from the job market - not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). The 12-week programme provides young people the opportunity to gain a formal qualification in Sports Leadership alongside taking part in various ‘Employability Workshops’ to help build relevant skills and develop self-confidence.

Leicester City Community Trust utilises links with external delivery partners provide bespoke and specialised workshops to enhance young people’s skills set to prepare them for the workplace and wider. Each aspect of the programme is designed and delivered to aid young people to plan and prepare a thoughtful progression route into employment, education or training.

For more information, please contact Amelia Paynter - PL Works Officer on


Inspire is a targeted intervention delivered in Secondary schools in and around Leicestershire. The purpose of the programme is to work with young people who have been identified to be at risk of becoming disengaged.

The Programme provides a range of interventions to engage young people, through one to ones and group work to increase confidence; motivation, aspirations and attendance.

Inspire Coaches work within schools to develop these skills, in both curriculum and extra-curricular sessions. Part of the programme is delivered in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust Achieve clubs, which work with young people to achieve their potential and make positive decisions for their own futures.

Inspire aims to:

- Support young people to reach their potential
- Empower young people to overcome potential barriers to education
- Promote positive attitudes towards education
- Re-engage young people with mainstream education
- To provide alternative learning opportunities for young people

Details can be found by contacting Amelia Paynter, Inspire Coordinator at:

Premier League Kicks

Premier League Kicks is one of the Premier League's flagship community programmes.

By engaging youngsters in constructive activities including a wide variety of sports, coaching, music and educational as well as personal development sessions - communities up and down the country have been transformed with impressive sports participation rates. The authorities have also reported significant reductions in anti-social behaviour in the areas in which it is delivered.

Leicester City Community Trust began delivering Kicks in October 2014 and delivers in community settings across the city, and more recently the county. Moving forward, the programme aims to build relationships with current and additional partners, as well as increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups and individuals in local communities. This includes young people from a range of backgrounds, and refugee and asylum seekers.

PL Kicks objectives:
- To promote participation in sport in areas of high need
- To provide opportunities for young people to develop skills and confidence
- To support young people to progress into positive pathways

For more information, please contact the relevant Kicks coordinator:
For county –
For city –

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Premier League Girls

Premier League Girls provides girls 11 years and above the opportunity to participate in weekly football activity in a style to suit individual and group needs. Weekly activity may include structured football development sessions, small sided games, fitness focussed sessions through ‘soccercise’, and informative workshops delivered by experienced female coaching staff.

The programme also looks to sign post girls to local grassroots clubs, provides competitive games at local and national competitive events, take up ‘young leader’ roles within sessions delivered at secondary schools, and attend female football events.

For more information, please contact Nicola Mellor - Women and Girls Football Coordinator on

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PL Girls.JPG
PL Girls.JPG

Female Engagement Strategy

Leicester City Community Trust’s Female Engagement Strategy works closely with key partners - Leicestershire and Rutland Sport, Leicester Diabetes Centre, De Montfort University and others -  to shape, promote and deliver bespoke school and community-based opportunities for females of all ages, of all abilities, and from all cultural backgrounds.

All opportunities are created to positively engage and encourage women and girls to:

- Be social
- Be active
- Have a voice
- Take ownership
- Learn new skills
- Volunteer
- Be inspired 

For more information, please contact Marie Widerman - Inclusion Manager on

Youth Power 

One of our newly-formed projects, Youth Power is developed in partnership with the Leicester City Council Youth Service.

The project enhances current provision in the City by providing an additional eight, two-hour, open access youth sessions per week, across the city over 42 weeks of the year. 

Youth Power aims to provide safe spaces and positive engagement opportunities for young people via providing a range of activities. Including; sports, cooking, film study, table top sports, various tournaments, trips, as well as additional and targeted support as needed.

The project also looks to enhance personal and social developments, as well as health in young people, whilst promoting social cohesion, through ensuring inclusive practices are carried out by our experienced sports coaches, and professional grade JNC youth workers.

For more information on how to get involved in this project, please email:

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Youth Power
Youth Power

Leicester City Girls’ Regional Talent Club

Leicester City Girls’ Regional Talent Club is a tier 1 programme that offers opportunities for young females from under 10 years through to 16 years.

Forming part of the FA Talent ID Pathway, the programme identifies talented female players and places them in a technical programme designed to produce football excellence in conjunction with personal development - based around the FA’s Long-Term Player Development (Four-Corner) Model, which includes technical, psychological, physical and social development. The programme seeks to challenge each individual player in a supportive and stimulating environment to achieve her full potential, with the ultimate aim of producing players to continue to play at the highest level of opportunity.

For more information, please contact Jo Sjoberg - Club Manager on


Leicester City Community Trust works closely with local partners to utilise the brand of Leicester City Football Club by engaging members of the community to improve their health and wellbeing through their interest in sport.

Then, Now and Forever

Generally focused around older Leicester City supporters, Then, Now & Forever is a partnership programme involving Leicester City Community Trust, LCFC Supporter Engagement Department, Leicester Ageing Better, and De Montfort Universities International Centre for Sports History and Culture.

Formally known as Football Memories, the programme will deliver stadium-based events and community-based workshops to engage with our participants. We work with Leicester Ageing Better, and the Alzheimer Society to target participants who will benefit the most from the programme.

Community-based workshops take place across Leicestershire during the season, utilising venues such as; care homes, community centres, libraries and local theatres.

Feel free to contact Community Manager, Matt Bray via email on

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Peter Shilton
Peter Shilton


The goal of EuroFIT is to harness the ‘love of the game’ to engage football fans in health-promoting lifestyle changes through their loyalty and attachment to LCFC.

The 12-week programme engages men through their connection with football, to make sustainable improvements in their diet, activity, and physical fitness.

Forthcoming courses will start in April and September 2019.

Walking Football

A slower version of the beautiful game, our Walking Football sessions are aimed at male and female participants aged 50 + and is one of the biggest growth areas of the sport.

The sessions provide older participants with the opportunity to keep active and socialise in a friendly environment - we also aim to support walking football across Leicestershire, by hosting festivals and further opportunities during 2019.

For Further information, please contact Dave Eassom at   

Health Goals

Leicester is the first city in the UK to join a global programme called Cities Changing Diabetes.

LCFC Community Trust have been working locally with Leicester Changing Diabetes and the University of Leicester, on community projects that promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles to communities across the city.

One of the programmes we are particular proud of, Healthy Goals, is a bespoke healthy lifestyles programme developed by Leicester Diabetes Centre and co-delivered by the LCFC Community Trust coaches, in the Belgrave area of the city.

LCFC Community Trust is proud to come together with the four other professional sports clubs in Leicester, to spread the message about type 2 diabetes prevention to fans and into the community.


The Community Trust has partnered with Prevent to deliver a project, that aims to build resilience to radicalisation through sport and engagement provision in St Matthews and Highfields area of Leicester.

The project targets young people aged between 16-30 and works with community groups to provide regular activities and develop community coaches.

Our City, Our Children 

Our City, Our Children engages children and young people who are living in care. Leicester City Community Trust works with key partners to identify and engage those in experiencing care. The programme is currently funded by the Premier League Professional Footballers’ Association and delivered by experienced youth workers and sports coaching staff.

The programme aims to:

- Improve self-esteem and confidence
- Increase educational attainment (Key Stage 2 to 5)
- Improve independence, employability and life skills (Post-16)
- Provide mentoring, support and signposting
- Foster a sense of belonging through regular participation and social activity

We achieve this by delivering bespoke sessions, tailored to meeting the programmes aims. Current provision concludes of; half term activity camps, additional school support, youth spaces and Post-16 advice.



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Looked After Children.jpg
Looked After Children.jpg


Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project

By building successful partnerships with dedicated charities - Leicester City of Sanctuary, After18, Baca and others - our Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project (RASP) has been able to build positive relationships with refugee and asylum seekers, charity workers and volunteers in a range of settings.

Many people living in Leicester city and Leicestershire, including; unaccompanied children and young people, adults, young families, single parents and the elderly depend heavily on the support, advice and activities provided by charities and organisations.

Leicester City Community Trust are pleased to support, by offering a range of football and wider social activities.

For more information, please contact Marie Widerman - Inclusion Manager on

Foxes Welcome

An English language and leadership programme that provides a space for non-English speaking individuals, to engage in a range of activities that help them to read, write and speak the English language.


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