Ricardo Pereira

Day Five Diary: Ricardo Pereira

Ricardo Pereira writes this week’s penultimate player diary, and answers the all-important question – who’s the best Uno player in the squad?
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It’s been a good trip. It’s my first time in Évian. I didn’t come here last year because of the World Cup and I only arrived back when we went to Austria. It’s been good to be together and to start from the beginning of the season with the new manager.

For the new players, I think it’s important to be together to start to be together off the pitch. JJ and Ayo have been well received by the squad. I remember Ayo scored against us last year! They’ve already settled in, they joke with everybody and they talk with everybody. I feel like they are a part of us already. It’s always good to add quality to the squad because that will help us achieve something special.

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Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira

It was nice to get the batteries recharged yesterday, to get going again for the final two days. We want to finish the week well with good work. We know it’s important now to do good work so that when you arrive at the season, you’re in good shape.

We are looking forward to our games now. We want to play and that’s why we train – to bring that training to the game. It’s important to have that challenge with different teams and different players. Sometimes you need the games to see things that you don’t see in training, and that gives you a chance to correct things.  

After lunch and dinner, as you know, we’ve been playing Uno. I know Papy says he’s won every game, but I imagine only he says that! Normally, it changes as to who loses. The first day, it was Youri, then it was me, and yesterday it was Papy - his ears were sore this morning! Rachid has been the best this time.

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Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira

Papy’s not the best for sure – he’s probably the same quality, but I’m a little bit better than the others! I’m the first, I know that, but we would all say we’re the best. On that basis, you know someone is lying, and it’s not me!

I feel good. Last week was difficult but that’s normal. Even if you do some work over the holidays like I did, it’s still different to training every day like we have been doing. That’s normal and we know why we’re doing it. We’ll continue like this, and every week, it will be easier for us.

Obrigado por lerem,

Ricky P.

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