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FA Cup Final Tickets Update

An update on tickets allocated to Leicester City for the Emirates FA Cup Final.
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Information on this page relates to tickets sales for the 2021 Emirates FA Cup Final, which may have been updated since publication. For the latest information, click HERE.

In order to comply with Government-mandated ERP requirements to test travel capacities and logistics, the Club was obligated to ensure supporters living in Leicester and attending the Final travelled to Wembley by official club coaches.

Unfortunately, the Club’s projections underestimated the precise number of supporters with LE postcodes who would secure tickets through the sequential priority periods. This meant that the Government’s required level of coach capacity (and the level of coach capacity which the Club had booked) was filled shortly before sales closed, resulting in 233 tickets being sold during the final stages to supporters with LE postcodes for whom the ticketing system defaulted to other methods of transport.

Leicester City regrets that some LE-based supporters who were required to book onto coaches may have been frustrated that they were not presented with other travel options. The Club has acted in good faith throughout the sales process, working extensively with the FA and DCMS to ensure compliance with the ERP requirements, and significantly subsidising the cost to supporters of mandated coach travel.

The Club is grateful to supporters for their cooperation and support in respect of the Government’s ERP requirements. Supporters are reminded that they must travel to the Final using the method of transport designated during their ticket purchase, to ensure that all match tickets are correctly validated for admittance to Wembley Stadium.

Now that the sales process is complete, the Club encourages all supporters who have purchased tickets to ensure they have completed the necessary ERP consent form and organised their mandatory Lateral Flow Device Test, the result of which must be produced on the day in order to attend the Final.

Click HERE for a reminder of the full ERP requirements for all supporters attending the Final.

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