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See below for answers to some frequently asked questions concerning Foxes Hub live streams...

What live streaming services does Foxes Hub offer?

Foxes Hub is offering five packages to watch and listen to live LCFC matches (subject to broadcast restrictions - see "Which games can I watch this season?" below). These are:

Seasonal Video Game Pass (Non-UK - subject to broadcast restrictions)
Monthly Video Game Pass (Non-UK - subject to broadcast restrictions)
Game-By-Game Pass (UK and Non-UK - subject to broadcast restrictions)
Seasonal Audio Game Pass (UK and non-UK)
Monthly Audio Game Pass (UK and non-UK)

Why can’t I see some packages on

You will only see packages which are available in your territory. 

Packages available to you in your territory can be viewed HERE.

Where do I watch or listen to the streams?

Once you have purchased a valid Seasonal, Monthly or Game-By-Game Pass, live video and audio broadcasts can be accessed via

Click HERE for the live video player.
Click HERE for the live audio player.

Please ensure you are using the correct player, listed above. 

During matchdays, the video player will also be included on the homepage.

When will the streams work?

The video and audio players will only work during broadcast times outlined on before each matchday.

Which games can I watch this season?

Live video coverage is available for domestic and international fans, but there are restrictions on what fixtures can be broadcast due EFL broadcasting rules and regulations. 

All audio commentaries are available worldwide. 

When a game is televised in your country, it will not be available as a video stream on Foxes Hub. Audio commentary will be provided globally.

If a match has been selected for TV broadcast, the EFL broadcast partner in your region may choose not to broadcast the game through their own channel. If this is the case, LCFC will stream video of the match through Foxes Hub. This information is usually given two days in advance of the fixture and this page HERE will be updated on a match-by-match basis.

When a game kicks off at 3pm on a Saturday in the UK, video streams will not be available in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. This also applies to games played on Friday and Sunday. Audio commentary will be provided globally.

When a game takes place in midweek and is not being televised in your region, video streams will be available on Foxes Hub. Audio commentary will be provided globally.

If you are a Seasonal or Monthly Video Game Pass holder, please check before each fixture to clarify if the next league game will be broadcast in your territory. 

This list will be available HERE before each game. 

Does my live video subscription allow access to live audio commentary when a match cannot be broadcast?

Yes, your live video subscription includes all audio streams.

If a game is not available to watch live, you can listen to it instead.

Why do I now have to pay to access match audio when it was free before?

As an EFL participant, the Club is bound by the terms of the EFL’s central audio-visual rights contract, which requires all live matchday audio-visual packages provided by Club channels to be subject to a minimum charge. 

The Club has priced these products at the lowest price point possible to make them as accessible as possible for our fans while complying with the EFL’s regulations.

How much do live streaming passes cost?

The following is a breakdown of subscription packages and costs:

Video packages Cost
Game-By-Game Pass £10 per game
Monthly Game Pass £25 per month
Seasonal Game Pass £170 per season
Early-bird: £140 per season*

*Early-Bird on sale until 1 September.

Audio packages Cost
Monthly Audio Game Pass £4.50 per month
Seasonal Audio Game Pass** £45 per season

** The Seasonal Listen Live Pass is an Early-Bird-only package.

Will my seasonal or monthly subscription automatically renew?

Seasonal Video and Seasonal Audio Game Passes will not automatically renew and will expire on the date stated when you signed up.

Monthly Video and Monthly Audio Game Passes will automatically renew unless cancelled. Game-By-Game Video Game Passes will expire after the purchased game and are one-off payments.

Where can I see my Game Pass?

You can see your active and expired subscriptions at

I want to cancel my subscription. How do I do this?

To cancel your pass, please email to request your cancellation. 

I can’t login or have forgotten my password. How do I get access to my account?

You must be logged in as a Digital Member to use Foxes Hub streaming services. If you can’t log in, please try another browser or clear your cache/cookies and try again. 

If you have forgotten your password, please navigate to the login screen and click the 'forgotten password' link.

What devices/browsers can I watch on?

Laptop/desktop – Windows 8.1/10/11 and recent versions of MacOS.

Mobile – Most modern iOS and Android devices running the latest versions of their respective operating systems. Please ensure your device is running the latest version of your operating system. 

Browsers – Latest versions of Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari. For the best support with the live stream and audio commentary, the recommended browser is Google Chrome across all devices.

Live audio commentary can be accessed across desktop, tablet and mobile devices with up-to-date browsers.

Please see the terms and conditions for a full list of minimum technical requirements.

I’m stuck in a login loop, or when I click play, the website does nothing. What should I do?

Please refresh your page and/or restart your application/device. Please ensure that your web browser cookies are set to 'allowed' in your privacy and security settings. 

If you fail to do this, it may mean that you are unable to log-in and access the stream.

Safari Users – Versions of Safari from 13.1 onwards have cross-domain tracking disabled – this must be enabled for the login system to work. 

If this is not enabled, you may get stuck in a login loop.

Please contact if the problem persists. 

My feed is buffering. What should I do?

Please check your connection speed – a minimum of 4mb/s bandwidth is required to view. SpeedTest is a handy tool for this.

Also, be aware of the usage of devices on your network. If other people on your network are streaming/gaming, this may affect the amount of bandwidth available to you.

An attempt to use a VPN can also cause buffering – VPNs are prohibited and if we reasonably suspect or believe you are using a VPN, we may cancel your access to the stream with no refund given.

I receive an ‘unauthorised country’ message when trying to access the live video. What does this mean?

Games are available in line with the geo-restrictions above. If you receive this message, the game is not available in your country or territory.

If you’re outside the UK on holiday and trying to access the stream via mobile data (3G/4G/5G), your IP address is still registered as being in the UK despite roaming due to the way roaming mobile service works. Connecting to a local WIFI network should solve this.

Can I watch the game on my Smart TV, or cast to my connected devices?

Casting is prohibited by EFL regulations. Smart TV browsers are not supported but may work.

Game consoles/Amazon Firesticks or other third-party devices also are not supported. We are not held responsible if you experience issues with the streams on unsupported devices even if they have worked previously.

I’m having issues with my video or audio feed. What can I do?

During the game, please report your technical issues to who can investigate whether there is a problem with the broadcast.

If there are no issues at the broadcast end, we will need to complete troubleshooting steps, these may involve confirming details about the device, software and your internet connection. 

Please note, that it is your responsibility to ensure you are using compatible technology ahead of purchasing a live subscription.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are subject to our Foxes Hub terms and conditions and are generally only available where there is a technical error that is caused directly by the Club or our providers. To request a refund, please contact

Why don’t fans in the UK and Republic of Ireland have the same access to the live streaming service as international fans?

This is due to the EFL’s existing broadcast agreement with Sky Sports.

Will cup games be live streamed?

Due to EFL and FA broadcasting regulations, only league matches will be streamed via live video. FA Cup and League Cup matches are not eligible for UK and Ireland or international fans. However, live audio commentary will still be available for all cup games for all our fans worldwide.

Please note that fixtures may also be selected by international rights holders other than Sky Sports. These will also be excluded from live streaming.

What happens if no games are shown in my subscription period?

If you are on a monthly package, it is an accepted risk that some months will have more live fixtures than others, so no refund will be given in those cases. You can also cancel the automatic renewal of your monthly package by emailing to request your cancellation.

While we realise that this might be frustrating, we do not increase costs in months that have lots of games and this is an accepted risk by the Club. We believe it will balance out over the course of the season.

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