Club Statement: Online Security Breach

Last month, the Club discovered a criminal online security breach, which had compromised the personal and financial information of some users of its online retail platform between 23 April and 4 May, 2019.
King Power Stadium

All supporters potentially affected were immediately identified and contacted to alert them to the breach and to recommend appropriate action. Upon discovery of the breach, the security of our retail platform was immediately restored and appropriate measures were taken to ensure the security of all other online assets.

In line with its GDPR responsibilities, the Club informed all necessary parties - including potentially affected users, the police and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) - and launched an immediate investigation into the source of the breach. The investigation is currently on-going.

The Club has been in direct contact with all users that were potentially affected by this breach. It is vital in such circumstances that the Club holds up-to-date information for all users of its services. Please visit to ensure your personal information is up to date.

General user advice on the online security of personal information is available from the ICO by clicking HERE.

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