Taggart's Foxes

Take On Taggart’s Foxes In Fantasy Premier League!

Leicester City legend Gerry Taggart is entering the Fantasy Premier League game - and you can now join him in the new Foxes Fan League!

- Enter the Foxes Fan League now on Fantasy Premier League
- Taggart’s Foxes to take part in the fun
- Updates on the fans’ league to be provided on City’s Twitter page

Taking part in Fantasy Premier League this year? Make sure to enter the Foxes Fan League, which launches for the 2019/20 campaign!

Join 2000 League Cup winner Gerry Taggart, who is managing his own ‘Taggart’s Foxes’ team.

Foxes Fan League
Code: ccjlu4

Click here to join the Foxes Fan League using the code above.

Updates on the league and how Gerry’s team is getting on will be provided on Leicester City’s Twitter page.

Gerry will be including as many links to the Foxes in his Gameweek 1 team as possible.

Throughout the season, he is allowed three current City stars, including a captain and vice captain, and will include as many former Foxes as he can.

He'll be able to use his FPL chips throughout the season, including Triple Captain, Bench Boost and Free Hit as well as two Wildcards throughout the campaign.

The Foxes Fan League is in the 'classic' Fantasy Premier League format, with points overall dictating the leaderboard.

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