Christian Fuchs

We’re All In, Says Fuchs

Leicester City are continuing to give maximum effort throughout their pre-season training sessions in Évian-les-Bains, according to Christian Fuchs.
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- Christian Fuchs says every player is putting in a shift during pre-season training in Évian
- On Wednesday, the Foxes completed a session in the morning sun before enjoying some downtime in the afternoon
- Fuchs says his team-mates shared a special moment with Thonon Évian FC’s academy players, who watched City train

A well-earned afternoon off followed a high-tempo outing on Wednesday morning, as the Foxes completed their fifth session in south-east France.

Reaching the half-way point in Évian, left-back Fuchs believes City’s determination has been on show for all to see.

“Everybody’s all in and everybody’s really putting in a shift,” Fuchs told LCFC TV. “Even though we are very tired, it still feels good to work that hard.

“We’ve done a lot of running and a lot of intense games running with the ball, which then gets a little bit easier on the body because as soon as the ball is involved, we are footballers, so things like that work easier.

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Christian Fuchs
Christian Fuchs

“The sessions are short but intense and that’s exactly what we need.”

The Foxes contested an 11-a-side match at the end of Wednesday’s session, allowing them to open up their play after a series of smaller games.

“It’s one of the first times that we played on a big pitch like that,” Fuchs continued. “The first time that we played full size, it kind of felt weird because so far we’ve only played small-sided games in a shorter space and a shorter distance between each other with a lot of pressing.

It’s good to get the legs out to get this distance in. It’s obviously a well-deserved break in the afternoon.

Christian Fuchs LCFC TV

“They’re very fast games. Now opening it up, it felt a little bit different but it’s good to get the legs out to get this distance in. It’s obviously a well-deserved break in the afternoon.”

City met a group of players from Thonon Évian FC’s academy after training, and Fuchs hopes the Foxes were able to encourage the local youngsters to go on and be successful footballers. 

“You could hear them cheering from the stands,” he added. “I think it’s something very special for those kids. Whenever we have player appearances at our academy, then their eyes open up more and more.

“It’s also something where you can inspire those kids to maybe make it one day as a professional, to give them the last push. Today, they had the whole Leicester squad taking pictures with them and giving some signatures. That’s a very special moment.”

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