PL Enterprise at King Power Stadium

Schoolchildren Head To King Power Stadium For PL Enterprise Celebration

Participants in the Premier League's Enterprise scheme celebrated their efforts over a 10-week course at a special ceremony at King Power Stadium last week.
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- King Power Stadium stages a Premier League Enterprise celebration 
- Schoolchildren were invited to the home of Leicester City by the LCFC Community Trust
- The school students have participated in a 10-week Enterprise programme
- Enterprise is designed to help children prepare for adulthood 

Staged at the Club's home venue, the LCFC Community Trust welcomed pupils from across Leicestershire to celebrate their achievements.

The programme enables clubs to provide unique and high-quality enterprise education in their local communities and has had a positive impact on young people.

Enterprise's main objectives are to help schools and academies in England to increase a pupil's confidence, aspirations, attendance and motivation at school.

During the event, the visiting students received certificates and got the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of their Leicester City heroes at King Power Stadium.


King Power Stadium Hosts PL Enterprise Celebration

Students from across Leicestershire headed to Filbert Way last week for a special celebration event. Use 'CC' to manage subtitles.

"It’s really important to acknowledge all the hard work they’ve done over the last 10 weeks that they’ve been involved in the challenge," Inspire Coach, Giorgia Ashberry-Sharp, said.

"It’s been really amazing for the schools to be part of Leicester City, part of the Football Club, and to have the kids engaged in a different way, that’s out of the school setting.

"They’ll be doing different things, whether it’s business management, or team building, or confidence building individually… it’s a chance for the school to be engaged with something that is bigger and has the backdrop of Leicester City and a Premier League club to support it. It’s been really amazing for the kids to grow like that.

"We’ve had LEBC working with them, which are an amazing company, and they’ve done much to support the students and actually watch them grow individually as people.

It’s been a really good challenge for them. It’s been a massive motivation for them to have the Football Club involved.

Louise Claricoates Wigston Academy

"A lot of them, they go on their own personal journeys as well as going on the journeys through the school, and you do see them develop massively.

"It’s an early stage in life, school’s very hectic, as you can imagine, for most students, and it can be quite a lot to have going on.

"It’s nice for them to be involved in a programme and feel that sense of achievement with it."

Meanwhile, Louise Claricoates, a teacher at Wigston Academy, was thrilled to see the impact of the scheme on the children at her school.

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PL Enterprise at King Power Stadium
PL Enterprise at King Power Stadium

LCFC Community Trust have supported the schools during their PL Enterprise efforts.

She said: "It’s been fantastic! They’ve learned so much about working together as a team and they’ve been working together as a group that wouldn’t normally be together.

"So they’ve learned about working with different types of students, getting on, and just trying to succeed really and getting challenges and tasks completed.

"It’s been a really good challenge for them. It’s been a massive motivation for them to have the Football Club involved.

"It’s just different to being in a classroom situation with a teacher, so to have somebody come in from outside school to work with the children, and especially with the football contacts as well… they’ve loved it."

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