New Training Ground Work Gaining Significant Momentum

In a recent visit to Leicester City’s new training ground in Charnwood, north Leicestershire, the development of the 185-acre complex is there for all to see.
New LCFC training facility
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The training ground’s main building – which will be a home to the training ground’s Club’s staff and players on a day-to-day basis – and the impressive indoor pitch are now showpieces of the site’s landscape. 

The installation of the indoor pitch’s steelworks has now been completed, and work is well underway on an arching roof which will protect players from the Leicestershire elements.

Inside the approximately 45-feet-high building, the installation of louvers will allow the indoor pitch to be fully ventilated to avoid a humid climate.

The main building, meanwhile, is in the first stage of forming its walls, with electrical and plumbing work set to be followed by a second phase of plastering.


Development Continues At Foxes' New Training Ground

LCFC TV recently visited the site of Leicester City's new training ground in Charnwood, north Leicestershire.

Teams will be contributing to the installation of the training ground’s pitches, which consists of a combination of artificial grass and natural seed.

Elsewhere, the Sports Turf Academy has seen real progression, and is now having its ceiling installed, while the machine store’s galvanised water tanks, which will provide all of the water for irrigation across the site, are nearing complete assembly.

The site’s road and path network, which has allowed for accessibility throughout the area, will continue to be formed, with an extensive amount of tarmac and kerbing now in place. 

There has also been a significant development to the water, gas and electricity supply, as the site continues to edge closer to a fully-functioning work place.

For further updates on Leicester City’s new training ground, be sure to stay tuned to over the coming months.




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