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Johnson: The Importance Of Staying Connected

Keeping in touch with his friends within the Development Squad ranks, playing FIFA 20 with his younger brother and sticking to the Club's fitness programmes have been on the agenda for young defender Darnell Johnson.
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- Defender Darnell Johnson was the latest Leicester City player to catch up with LCFC TV
- The Development Squad star has been staying with family during the COVID-19 pandemic
- Playing FIFA with his brother and calling friends on FaceTime have kept Johnson busy

The 21-year-old centre-back is presently adhering to the UK Government's stay-at-home guidelines - to protect the NHS and save lives - during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naturally, Johnson and his team-mates have had to adapt to the circumstances, but many have enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones during football's suspension.

"I would say it’s been a bit tough, obviously with us constantly in the household, but I think I’m trying to be as productive as possible," the young Foxes defender told LCFC TV.

"I’m doing my little bits, my workouts, and just spending time a lot with my family. It’s good to be with my family because, while the season's on, we don’t really get much time to spend with your family.

"Some days are easier than the others! From the staff at Leicester City, we’ve been sent fitness programmes to follow, so I’ve been combining that with my own stuff each day.

"It’s just really been [about] getting by. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know what I’d be doing... I’d be lost in the house! I’ve been switching it up each day, but it’s been good."

Development Squad

Catching Up With Darnell Johnson

Leicester City Development Squad defender and England youth international Darnell Johnson catches up with LCFC TV via video call.

Like many, Johnson has reverted to using video call apps to stay in touch with his colleagues - catching up and checking in on the wellbeing of his closest friends. 

"I’ve been in contact with, mostly, Josh [Eppiah] and Admiral [Muskwe], just on FaceTime, and I’m frequently messaging in our team group chats and staying in touch really," he added.

"It's good to be knowing what everyone’s doing. I'm playing FIFA too, mainly against my little brother, he’s good at FIFA to be fair! Each day, playing FIFA, just doing stuff to make up my time.

"TV too. Well, I guess everyone watches Netflix, but I’d recommend, on Netflix, to watch Money Heist, that’s a big thing at the moment. I’ve finished that now. Elite is good too."

Reflecting on the 2019/20 season so far, during which City's Under-23s climbed to second in Premier League 2, Johnson continued: "As a team, I think we’ve done very well this season.

"Obviously, we’ve had our ups and downs, but as a whole, from the training sessions, the team morale, how the boys have been connecting with the management, I think we’ve had a good year.

"Just before everything paused, we were second, just a couple of points behind Chelsea, so we’ve been good. And on a personal level, I think my season’s been alright to be fair.

"I’ve performed quite well in all the games I’ve played and I was really enjoying it. The Leasing.com Trophy, I think we did really well in that. The boys performed when they needed to.

I know it’s frustrating and it’s hard, being at home 24/7, but please stick to the guidelines, stay at home, stay safe.

Darnell Johnson LCFC TV

"The games were very tough and the boys were getting the results. We were just unlucky with the last game against Newport. We were unlucky with that.

"I think if we had the rub of the green, another day then we go through, but sadly we didn’t. But on a performance level, I think everyone’s been performing very good.

"Like you said, in the league, we’ve been consistent, so I’m happy with everything so far. As one of the senior players in the team, they’re the games where everyone likes to see what we’re made of.

"When we’re competing against the first team players, to see how good we are. Personally, for myself, I really enjoy those games, I’m very up for those games."

Johnson ended his catch up with LCFC TV, meanwhile, by following in the footsteps of his Leicester team-mates in emphasising the importance of continuing to stay at home during the pandemic. 

"I know it’s frustrating and it’s hard, being at home 24/7, but please stick to the guidelines, stay at home, stay safe," the England Under-20s international concluded.

"If everyone follows the guidelines and everyone proceeds doing the right stuff, then this will be over sooner, so just listen really and stay safe and enjoy your time spent with your loved ones."

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