Leicester City in the Community outdoor learning

Outdoor Fun & Learning For Local Schoolchildren

Staff and students at Beaumont Lodge Primary School have enjoyed educational lessons and activities based around their outdoor surroundings, with the support of Leicester City in the Community.

- Leicester City in the Community has delivered an outdoor learning programme at Beaumont Lodge Primary School
- Over the course of the eight-week programme, Forest Foxes has become very popular with the Beaumont Leys school
- Headteacher will add to school improvement plan to carry on outdoor learning
- Forest Foxes is funded by DEFRA and managed by Natural England

With the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Forest Foxes partner schools have realised the mental wellbeing benefits of working outside, as well as the safer learning conditions.

Over the eight-week period at the Beaumont Leys school, participants have learned how to make dens, created artwork out of surroundings and discovered more about mother nature.

Speaking outside in the school’s woodland area, Dawn Solla, Beaumont Lodge Headteacher, said: “The children have been so excited. They have learned absolutely loads.

“This area has become more important now, it is really high profile and what Sheila (Leicester City in the Community Outdoor Learning Coach) has done is shown us how to use the woodland to its full extent.

“She has given us avenues that maybe we haven’t thought about.”

The programme is funded by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and match-funded by the Premier League Charitable Fund.

Throughout the eight weeks of delivery, it has become evident that the children involved will take something away from the experience.

Year 6 pupil, Xander, commented on the programme and said he will look to share his learning with others outside of school.

“Sheila has taught us really well,” he said. “She’s one of the teachers who has actually taught us the nature’s resources.

“I will (carry on being out in nature) and I can show other people my skills.”

You can see how LCitC has impacted Beaumont Lodge, HERE. If you wish to find out more about Forest Foxes, please email Sheila Capper on: sheila.capper@lcfc.co.uk.

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