Matt Elliott

Fire Extinguishers & Wembley Glory – Leicester's 2000 League Cup Story

It's 7am on Saturday 12 February, 2000. The sun’s around half-an-hour from rising and yet, huddled together, outside the Carling Stand at Filbert Street, there’s a group of Leicester City supporters waiting for the noise of the ticket office’s shutters to be raised.
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Just to the left of the ticket office is the Fox Leisure store, decked out with fleeces, polo shirts, scarves, rosettes, jester hats, ribbons and pom-poms, all embroidered with the Worthington Cup logo. That’s the reason for this peculiar gathering. They’re all here to secure their seats at Wembley Stadium for the cup final in 16 days’ time. It’s a sacrifice worth making.

On the big day, those who got there early would have paid £5 for the privilege of buying the matchday programme before it sold out, causing grumbles among both Leicester and Tranmere Rovers supporters. Inside, Martin O’Neill, the City manager, spoke candidly about his time at the Club.

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