Filbert Street Turnstile Entrance Model

Links With The Past: A Model Of Filbert Street’s Unique Turnstile Entrance

Club Historian John Hutchinson's Links With The Past series continues with a look at a unique model evoking Filbert Street.
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For nearly 80 years, the old Filbert Street ground boasted a very distinctive turnstile façade. It was situated in Filbert Street close to the north end of the old Main Stand.

Sadly this façade disappeared in 2002 when Filbert Street was demolished.

However, its existence has been captured for posterity by a model of this distinctive entrance. It was made in 2010 by Leicester City supporter Mick Bates who also created the model of the Filbert Street ground which is on display in King Power Stadium’s reception area.

The first reference in the Club’s archives to this remarkable turnstile entrance appears on the building plan for the 1925 extension to the new Main Stand, which had been built four years earlier.

From this plan it can be seen that the gates on the right of the picture originally provided access to the unreserved seats in the Main Stand.

The gates to the left were the entrances to the terraces behind the goal at the Filbert Street end of the ground.

The plan also indicates that in the space immediately behind the entrances, there was a kitchen for refreshments, a ladies’ toilet and a urinal.

The plan further reveals that to the right of the entrance there was an exit gate for fans together with an entrance for VIPs’ cars, which led to a garage area beneath the Main Stand.

Over the years, countless thousands of fans entered the old Filbert Street ground through these turnstiles. Mick’s model ensures that this unique feature of the old Filbert Street ground won’t be forgotten.

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