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Leicester City Mobile Ticket FAQs

Please find frequently asked questions below concerning Leicester City's new Mobile Tickets.

Why have the Club introduced mobile tickets?

The use of mobile tickets is now commonplace for mass spectator events all over the world. Through the reduction, and eventual removal, of physical tickets and transferring to tickets being held on smartphones, venues all over the world have been able to improve security, tackle ticket touting and reduce the carbon footprint created by printing thousands of paper and plastic tickets for every event.

Do I have to have a mobile Season Ticket? Or can I still have my physical Season Ticket Card?

For the 2022/23 season, following consultation with supporters, the Club will be offering Season Ticket Holders the option of a digital ticket or a physical ticket. You will have the option to choose at the point of purchase.

My Season Ticket renews automatically by Direct Debit. Which ticket will I get?

Supporters whose Season Tickets will automatically renew via the Direct Debit scheme should log on to their online account to express their preference by Thursday 16 June. If you have not expressed a preference by this date, your ticket will default to mobile ticketing.

Which fixtures can I use mobile tickets for?

Mobile tickets will be available for all league, cup and friendly fixtures at the King Power Stadium.

What mobile devices are supported?

As long as your mobile device has an NFC chip you should be able to use it for mobile. If you use Google Pay or Apple Pay then you will have NFC.


- All iPhones with Face ID (facial unlocking)
- iPhones with Touch ID (fingerprint unlocking) above 5s. iPhone 8 and above is recommended
- iPhones must be installed with iOS 15 and above to download your mobile season ticket.

To check you have the most up-to-date operating system click HERE.


Phones must run the latest version of Android, where possible. Google Pay must be installed and up to date, and NFC must be enabled. Please check HERE for help updating your Android device if required. Mobile Season Tickets can be added to Android devices with NFC. Occasionally you will have a logo printed on the phone, or it will appear in your taskbar (when switched on). Otherwise, the best way to find if your phone has NFC is to find the settings for it on your phone.

Open Settings.

- In the 'Search settings bar, type 'NFC'.
- Tap and turn on NFC.
- If you can't find NFC, your phone will not support Mobile Tickets.

Most recent higher-end Android devices have NFC. Occasionally you will have a logo printed on the phone, or it will appear in your taskbar (when switched on):

Otherwise, the best way to find if your phone has NFC is to find the settings for it on your phone.

How do I choose a Mobile Ticket?

During the Season Ticket purchase process, once you have selected proceed to checkout, you will be offered the option to select a Mobile Ticket. Please note this will be for you and your party in that transaction.

Further information will be issued to supporters ahead of the tickets being sent out via email which will contain a link which will allow you to add the mobile ticket to the Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Can I forward a mobile ticket?

More information on the Ticket Resale service can be found HERE.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

For the 2022/23 season, Season Ticket Holders that do not have smartphones will be able to opt for a printed Season Ticket Card. Further information on long-term plans for mobile ticket implementation will be communicated in due course. However, in the meantime, the Club recommends all supporters that do not have a smartphone update their online account to advise us*.

How do I enter the stadium with my mobile ticket?


Renewing Your Season Ticket

A guide to renewing your Leicester City Season Ticket and the Football Club's new Mobile Tickets.

I have my child’s ticket on my phone, how do we manage entering the gate with one phone?

Ideally, each supporter would have their own mobile device, however we do understand not everyone has a personal mobile phone, particularly our younger supporters.

More than one ticket can be added to your wallet on your phone (although each ticket itself can only be loaded once). If you child or anyone in your group doesn’t have a mobile device with an NFC chip, we would recommend loading their ticket(s) onto your phone.

When accessing your tickets on matchday, you will be able to swipe left and right between different tickets to find the correct one to scan. When approaching the turnstiles, please have the child’s ticket ready first. Scan that ticket and let them go through the turnstiles before scanning and entering on your own ticket.

What if my phone has no WiFi or signal?

Your device does not require WiFi connectivity or signal on matchday as long as your Mobile Season Ticket is already in your Apple Wallet/Google Pay app prior to attending. It is recommended that you download your mobile Season Ticket to your smartphone before arriving at the stadium the first time you use it.

Can I enter the stadium with a screenshot of my mobile ticket?

No, a screenshot of your mobile ticket will not permit you entry to the stadium on a matchday. You can download your mobile ticket from the link in your email.

What happens if I cancel my mobile ticket?

Passes are only sent once so please do not delete your pass from your mobile device.

If you have deleted your pass, please locate the original email you were sent which contained the link to re-download it. 

How will my mobile ticket work?

At the start of the season, the mobile ticket pass is sent out to those who have opted for a mobile ticket. This pass should not be deleted from your mobile device. 

Once downloaded onto your mobile, your pass will automatically update with the details of the next fixture.

Even if you cannot see the details of the next Premier League fixture, there is no need to be concerned. Your ticket will be loaded in time for the upcoming fixture for you to scan at the turnstiles. However, if you have placed your ticket for re-sale and your ticket has been sold, then you will not receive a ticket for the game.

My Mobile Ticket is showing as expired.

Season Tickets and Memberships will not expire and will automatically update with new game information based on the next game you are due to attend. Should you be experiencing difficulty with your mobile Season Ticket or Membership, please contact the City Sales Centre.

My Mobile ticket has not been updated with the upcoming fixture.

A Season Ticket Holder mobile ticket contains all 19 home Premier League games and will update before each fixture. Please ensure you have automatic updates enabled in Google Pay / Apple Wallet.

For more information on 2022/23 Leicester City Season Tickets, click HERE.




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