Wout Faes

Wout Faes: All Or Nothing

Wout Faes has taken no time at all to settle in at Leicester City. Humble yet determined, the Belgian's deadline day arrival attracted muted fanfare at the time, but has since sparked a frankly remarkable turnaround for the Foxes.
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City were rooted to the bottom of the Premier League on the first day of September, suffering their worst-ever Premier League start – losing six games in a row. Ever since Wout's distinctive silhouette first graced the corridors in Seagrave, though, something startling has happened.

Leicester have secured six shutouts. Only Arsenal and Newcastle United have more. They've also swelled their points tally to 17, climbing to 13th in the table. If the season started with Faes' home debut for the Club, a 4-0 win over rivals Nottingham Forest, the Foxes would be fourth. 

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