Aileen Whelan

We’re A Work In Progress, Claims Whelan

LCFC Women’s captain Aileen Whelan says the team are trusting in the process set by manager Willie Kirk as they prepare for a tough Barclays Women’s Super League fixture this weekend against Chelsea.
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- LCFC Women welcome Chelsea to King Power Stadium on Saturday afternoon
- The Barclays Women’s Super League match has a 3pm kick-off
- The players know they have the ability to turn things around, says Aileen Whelan
- Tickets for the Chelsea fixture can be purchased HERE

Two weeks on from the late West Ham United defeat at Chigwell Construction Stadium, the Foxes are back in action, facing the league leaders on Saturday afternoon (3pm kick-off).

With the responsibility of wearing the armband, Whelan outlines the importance of sticking together, as the summer addition hopes to bring valuable WSL experience to a young squad in their fight for survival.

“Becoming captain wasn’t something I expected as a new player coming in,” the midfielder stated, speaking to the media on Thursday. “Hopefully the experience I’ve got in the Super League provides an opportunity to pass it on to other players and help us to reach a higher place in the standings.

The fans are sticking with us and have been supportive so it’s our job to stick to the game plan and aim for three points.

Aileen Whelan

“It’s always difficult moving into a new team, trying to find your feet, and of course the situation we’re in now is difficult, but it’s about staying grounded and doing the best we can as a squad.

“The group we’ve got here is quite together, the performances we’ve had have been positive, it’s just the results that haven’t gone our way.

“We are creating chances, and the goals we’re conceding can be prevented, so we’ve got to be patient and stick together because it won’t always be like that.

“Performances are already showing what we’re capable of, it’s just about capitalising by scoring those goals. If we want to put points on the board, we need to score more.

“The silly goals that we’re letting in also need to stop, but the points will come, we’re a working progress and you’ve just got to bear with us.”

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Aileen Whelan
Aileen Whelan

Aileen Whelan previews Chelsea fixture in a press conference at Belvoir Drive.

City’s experienced No.10, who previously played in the top-flight for Brighton & Hove Albion and Everton, explained how the transition within the management requires time to see the necessary effects.

“We know what Willie [Kirk] wants us to achieve, and we’re following that path, sticking to it as a team," she continued. “We know what the goals are, the coaching staff put on training sessions to help get us there, so it’s about trusting in the process.

“The sessions have been focusing on both what Chelsea bring and our own game. It’s not always about the other teams, but about what we can do, and recent performances have shown that.

“As a group, we know we’ve got the ability, but it’s now making show we’re showcasing that for the entire 90 minutes. We’ve been struggling towards the end of games so it’s figuring out ways to not be punished late on to encourage more positive results.”

LCFC Women

Whelan Staying Positive

Captain Aileen Whelan shares her thoughts in the build up to LCFC Women's home Barclays Women's Super League match against Chelsea.

Aware that a top European side are up next for Leicester, Whelan knows the threat that Chelsea possesses, but also how important those cheering from the stands can be.

“They’re one of the best teams in Europe," the 31-year-old added. “They’ve got a great front line, so we’ve got to be wary of the counter-attacks, making sure to close any gaps. It’s going to be a tough test but it’s not impossible - it’s going to be a good game.

“It’s a home fixture, so people should appreciate we’re going to go out and try and put a game on. The fans are sticking with us and have been supportive so it’s our job to stick to the game plan and aim for three points.

“If you ask any player, the fans have a massive impact. They pick you up when you’re not doing well, and they cheer you on when you are. With the situation we’re in at the minute, the support is so important.”

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