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Season Tickets: All The Info You Need

All the information you need on LCFC Men Season Tickets for home matches at King Power Stadium in 2024/25.
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Season Ticket Auto-Renewal Scheme processed (for those on existing Direct Debit) 

Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 April

Season Ticket Renewal applications (online)  

Friday 26 April (10am) to Monday 13 May (5pm)  

Season Ticket Renewal applications (by phone)  

Monday 29 April (9am) to Monday 13 May (5pm)  

Fox Member applications for available Season Tickets  

Monday 29 April (8am online/9am by phone) to Wednesday 8 May (5pm)  

Deadline for Auto-Renewal Scheme members to amend or cancel 

Monday 13 May (5pm) 

Fox Members notified of success in Season Ticket application 

Tuesday 14 May (5pm)  

Relocation period for 2024/25 Season Tickets  

From Tuesday 14 May (9am)  

Sales period for successful Fox Members to purchase available Season Tickets  

Friday 17 May (10am) to Tuesday 21 May (4pm)  

Due date for first Direct Debit payment for 2024/25  

Monday 3 June  

Window for renewed Season Ticket Holders to apply for a physical Season Ticket card   

Friday 26 April (10am) to Wednesday 5 June (5pm)  


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Prices Stadium Map
Prices Stadium Map


We encourage all supporters renewing their Season Tickets to do so online for a smooth and efficient process. Please click here for renewals. It is important to note that Season Tickets cannot be purchased over the counter this season. The renewal process will open at 10am from Friday 26 April (online only) and 9am on Monday 29 April (by phone) – ending at 5pm on Monday 13 May. 

Our City Sales Centre is at your service from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. For any enquiries or assistance, contact us at 0344 815 5000 (Option 1) or via email at ticketsinfo@lcfc.co.uk. Please be aware that the email channel is dedicated to enquiries only and cannot be used for the actual renewal or purchase of Season Tickets.   


Heading in to a third season of digital ticketing and following continued uptake last season, where numerous fans have enjoyed the benefits of mobile ticketing, Leicester City continues to encourage the use of Mobile Tickets (NFC) as the primary entry method into King Power Stadium. 

Embraced by leading venues across the globe, Mobile Tickets utilise 'Near Field Communication' technology, offering a more efficient, more eco-friendly, and secure entry experience for our supporters. 

Two years since the introduction of optional Mobile Tickets for Season Ticket Holders at King Power Stadium, the Club has gathered feedback from supporters, including during sessions with supporter groups and our Fans Consultative Committee. We have also analysed data from 42 home matchdays in which up to 7,000 attendees per matchday have used Mobile Tickets, identifying and resolving any technical issues that may have been experienced, particularly during early adoption. 

A summary of feedback provided by supporters and steps taken by the Club to address these issues can be found HERE.

Moving into the 2024/25 season, Mobile Tickets will become the default method through which Season Tickets are issued, increasing efficiency and security inside King Power Stadium, and unlocking the full potential of additional benefits such as Ticket Forwarding and Ticket Resale. Supporters who wish to purchase a physical Season Ticket card will be able to do so at a cost of £25 per card, though charge exemptions will apply for Seniors 65+, Under-12s and supporters with a registered disability. 

Previously issued Season Ticket cards will no longer be operative, so a new Season Ticket card must be ordered for the 2024/25 season should a supporter not wish to use Mobile Tickets. Seniors 65+, Under-12s and Supporters with a registered disability will need to order a Season Ticket card should they require one and these will be issued free of charge. 

The Club continues to be committed to easing the transition to mobile ticketing and has prepared extensive resources and guides to assist first-time users. All fans are encouraged to opt for Mobile Tickets, which aligns with our goals for a more sustainable and efficient stadium experience for supporters.  

For detailed FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Mobile Tickets, please click HERE. For instructions on utilising Mobile Tickets, click HERE.  

CLICK HERE now for further details on 2024/25 Season Tickets, all the key dates and how you can renew. 


Building on the positive reception of Leicester City's resale platform during the last two seasons and in response to valuable feedback from our supporters, LCFC is again extending this service for the 2024/25 season. Season Ticket Holders will continue to have the opportunity to resell their tickets on the Club resale platform for up to five matches per season. 

The resale platform provides a convenient way for Season Ticket Holders to reclaim the cost of their tickets for matches they cannot attend. Simultaneously, it expands ticket availability for fans wishing to experience the live action at King Power Stadium on a match-by-match basis.    


Following its introduction in the 2023/24 season, the Football Club is pleased to continue to offer a ‘Ticket Forwarding’ feature, which gives Season Ticket Holders the option to forward their Season Ticket to linked friends and family up to four times per season.  

This initiative provides Season Ticket Holders with greater flexibility, ensuring that if they are unable to attend a match, they can allow their friends and family to enjoy the live matchday experience in their place.    

To manage your list of Fox Members authorised to use your forwarded ticket, visit your account on LCFC.com/tickets. Further information on this scheme will also be available in the 2024/25 Season Ticket FAQs once fixtures for the new campaign go on sale. All forwarded tickets will be issued as Mobile Tickets (NFC) to the recipient, regardless of the original ticket form. 


The convenience of the Direct Debit scheme for Season Ticket purchases continues into the 2024/25 season, providing automatic renewals for all areas, including the Family Area. The initial payment for the new season is set for 3 June, 2024. Those who prefer not to automatically renew their Season Ticket must opt out prior to 5pm on Monday 13 May to avoid the commencement of charges.  

We ask supporters who have a remaining unpaid balance from the 2023/24 season, who have had three or more failed payments in the 2023/24 season, or who no longer qualify for the Family Area to contact the Club directly, as their seats will not be automatically renewed.  

Should you need to modify or discontinue your Direct Debit arrangement, please ensure to communicate with the Club by 5pm on Monday 13 May.   

Eligible supporters interested in the Direct Debit option for securing their 2024/25 Season Tickets should be aware that the payment plan will consist of 12 monthly instalments. These payments will be processed on the first working day of each month, starting from 3 June, 2024 and concluding on 1 May, 2025.  


Any remaining Season Ticket provision following the renewal period will be made available to 2023/24 Fox Members via an application system that will prioritise entrants with the most Home Priority Points. 

Fox Members for 2023/24 can register their interest in purchasing 2024/25 Season Tickets from Monday 29 April (8am online and 9am by phone) until 5pm on Wednesday 8 May. Successful applicants will be notified by 5pm on Tuesday 14 May, after which, they can purchase their Season Ticket from 10am on Friday 17 May until 4pm on Tuesday 21 May. 

As has been the case in previous years, Fox Members can register their interest in Season Tickets in groups. If applying by this method, the group will be allocated the Home Priority Points total of the supporter with the lowest number of points in their group. If applying as an individual, the application will be prioritised based on the number of Home Priority Points accumulated by that supporter alone.  


Aimed at enhancing the matchday atmosphere, the SK1 Singing Section will continue to be situated in SK1; Rows M to PP; seats 1 to 29 and seats 208-218. Approximately 100 seats in the section will continue to be held for match-by-match purchases. 


The option for Season Ticket relocation will be available once more for renewing Season Ticket Holders. To relocate, supporters must first renew their Season Ticket within the designated window, then contact the Club starting from 9am on Tuesday 14 May to select a new seat in the available sections. A £5 charge will be applied for the relocation service.   

For Season Ticket Holders relocating on behalf of other Season Ticket Holders aged 18 or over, the Club will require an email with authorisation from each individual Season Ticket Holder confirming the below information. This permission must be emailed to the ticketsinfo@lcfc.co.uk prior to the relocation taking place.  

Details required for the Season Ticket Holder  

Supporter Number:  

Full Name:  

Full Postal Address:  

Date of Birth:  

Details required for the person performing the relocation  

Full Name:  

Full Postal Address:  

Date of Birth:  


Those with Executive Boxes or Seasonal Hospitality arrangements will receive tailored renewal information and pricing for the 2024/25 season directly from the Club. 


Renewal for seasonal car parking spots will be open concurrently with the Season Ticket renewal window, commencing at 10am on Friday 26 April to 5pm on Monday 13 May (online only) and 10am on Monday 29 April to 5pm on Monday 13 May (by phone). Prices have increased by five per cent for the new season. Once the renewal period concludes, any additional spaces will be released for new purchasers. 

Parking pricing for the 2024/25 season is as follows:  
Filbert Street (Car Park D) – £305  
King Power Stadium (Car Park A/B) - £383  
Raw Dykes Road (Car Park C) - £383  
Supporter with a disability - £121    

Please note, car park spaces are not eligible for Direct Debit payment and require full payment at the time of booking. 

Terms & Conditions: Click HERE  

FAQs: Click HERE  

Key Season Ticket Information: Click HERE  




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