Hamza Choudhury & Matt Piper at PL Inspires launch

Wellbeing The Focus For Choudhury & Piper At PL Inspires Launch

Leicester City midfielders past and present, Matt Piper and Hamza Choudhury, recently helped Leicester City in the Community launch their 2019/20 Premier League Inspires project.

- Hamza Choudhury and Matt Piper recently attended a Premier League Inspires launch in Leicester
- Premier League Inspires hopes to help schoolchildren enjoy their education and make positive life changes
- Choudhury highlighted the impact Leicester City in the Community makes across Leicestershire
- Another Academy graduate, Piper, also stressed the importance of helping children with their wellbeing

The Foxes duo headed to The Roundhill Academy in Thurmaston to take part in wellbeing workshops and activities designed to inspire schoolchildren to enjoy daily life and live productive lifestyles.

Specifically targeting children who have struggled in school life, the newly-funded project has been a part of Leicester City in the Community's wider strategy since January 2019.

The Football Club's charitable arm work with Thomas Estley Community College, Babington Academy, Wreake Valley Academy and Soar Valley College, with new schools joining this list early in 2020.

After discussing methods to be more productive in life and taking part in a series of relaxed challenges at The Roundhill Academy, midfielder Choudhury, 22, said: "It was a really good day.

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Hamza Choudhury
Hamza Choudhury

Academy graduate Hamza Choudhury speaks with the schoolchildren during the event.

"Especially in this day and age, everyone is so aware about everyone's mental health and today we were doing workshops about how to deal with it and how to make the kids feel positive.

"It was really nice to get involved. Communication is always key and at 13 or 14-years-old, you're just reaching your teenage years, you're going through a lot of changes.

"A lot of children sometimes don't enjoy their school life so it's important to talk to your teaches and take part in things which take you away from the classroom like this today.

"If the kids feel involved in their community, I think it'll really benefit the kids here. It was nice coming back into a school and seeing the positive impact the Club is having in Leicester."

Leicester City in the Community will continue to work at it over the course of the current season and beyond, which is great.

Matt Piper

For Piper, another Academy graduate from the Club, the occasion was a useful experience to bring Leicester City into the lives of children in the region and spread a positive message.

"It's super important for kids around Year 9 or Year 10 ages because they might not always open up to each other or to their teachers and they don't talk about their problems," he said.

"If that builds up, you could have an issue. So, the fact that we were altogether and sharing stories, we got the kids talking and I felt that was really positive and it's what we're trying to achieve.

"Sessions like this are so important. When I was younger, I didn't have sessions like this. If you were struggling with your wellbeing, you couldn't really let that out and talk to somebody.

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Matt Piper
Matt Piper

The sessions are designed to inspire children using the influential power of Premier League football.

"The fact we were doing that was brilliant and Leicester City in the Community will continue to work at it over the course of the current season and beyond, which is great."

Meanwhile, participant Joe Bird added: "It was brilliant to have Hamza and Matt here! To have Premier League players joining us, it brings the children out of their shell and really benefits a lot of people.

"The sessions have really helped us because they're about engaging with the community and about mental health, so it helps us to cheer ourselves up and to cheer other people as well.

"It really helps to know how to deal with certain situations in life. It's amazing to do this with Leicester too. Anything to do with football, I'll always enjoy it and get involved because it's my passion."

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