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Discrimination & Reporting

If you believe that you have suffered discrimination or harassment, you should raise the matter through our reporting procedures.


If you believe that you have suffered discrimination or harassment, you should raise the matter through our reporting procedures.

Matchday Text Service

If you see or hear unacceptable behaviour on a matchday, report it. Please text 6066 starting your message with FOXES.

The Club takes a strict approach to breaches of this statement. Breaches of this statement by individuals attending a match will be dealt with in accordance with our Sanctions and Banning Procedure, please refer to the Supporter Charter.

Social Media Banning Policy

Any individuals or groups observed to be making discriminatory or abusive comments on Leicester City Football Club’s official social media channels should be banned using each social network’s reporting/banning mechanism.

Leicester City is a family club and is connected online with supporters of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds. As such, the Club’s social media accounts should harbour an environment and community that is welcoming and free of inappropriate messages/behaviour.

All media staff are requested to monitor posts for such behaviour where possible and when it is reported to the Football Club, to action the banning policy upon finding the post.

Banning offences include swearing, threatening messages, sharing illegal streaming links, any post that discriminates against protected characteristics and other behaviour that the Club deems inappropriate on its channels.

Protected Characteristics (Equality Act 2010):

- Age
- Disability
- Gender reassignment
- Marriage and civil partnership
- Pregnancy and maternity
- Race
- Religion or belief
- Sex
- Sexual orientation

Social networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

All bans on social media are made at the Media Department’s discretion. 

Hate Crime

Hate crime is the term used to describe an incident or crime against someone based on a part of their identity. There are five categories of ‘identity’, when a person is targeted because of a hostility or prejudice towards their:

- disability;
- race or ethnicity;
- religion or belief (which includes non-belief);
- sexual orientation; or
- gender identity.

Hate crime can be any criminal or non-criminal act such as graffiti, vandalism to a property, name calling, assault or online abuse using social media. Abuse, name calling, assault, blackmail, harassment, intimidation, bullying or exploitation are all forms of hate crime and must be reported.

Experiencing hate crime can be a particularly frightening experience as the victim will have been targeted because of who they are, or who or what their attacker thinks they are. Unlike non-identity related offences, the attack is very personal and specifically targeted, which means it’s less likely to be a random attack.

Reporting Hate Crime

The Club condemns Hate Crime and encourages anyone who is a victim of it or otherwise aware of it to report it. By reporting incidents, you can help yourself and you may be able to prevent it happening to others.

- Telephone: 999 in an emergency or 101 for non-emergencies.
- Online at

Victim Support also has information and guidance - click HERE.

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